Check out our FAQ list to gain an idea of what to expect from your experience with Balance Point and how to best prepare. For further questions, call our office or consult with your doctor.

How long will the testing last?

The testing can range from one and half hours to a maximum of two and a half hours, depending on the testing ordered.

Can I eat before testing?

For Balance Assessment appointments, we ask that you avoid eating three hours before testing, however, a small snack is fine if you need to eat.

Will this testing make me feel dizzy?

Some portions of the testing may mimic the feeling of movement or imbalance. Most patients do well during the testing but we will work with you if you become sensitive to the movement sensation.

What should I expect during my test?

The audiologist will discuss your dizziness symptoms with you, complete appropriate tests and discuss your results along with possible recommendations.

Should I have someone bring me to the appointment?

If you are currently dizzy or unsteady we suggest you bring someone with you that can drive you home after the testing is completed.

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